Preparing For A Nursing Interview

prepare nursing interview

When you go in for your Nursing interview, you should expect to be asked about your education, your experience, and where you see yourself. The following will give you a glimpse into a Nursing interview.

How Has Your Training Prepared You For A Nursing Career?

This is a good place to give accolades to the Nurses you worked without throughout your training, especially if you are interviewing at the hospital where you spent your time. If you are interviewing at another hospital, be sure to mention where you received your training.

If your school is known for its facilities and equipment, you will want to mention the state-of-the-art tools you had access to during your education.

How Would You Deal With A Doctor Who Was Rude?

This is a great question to be asked as it will allow you to demonstrate your ability to handle an unfavorable situation and turn it into a learning opportunity.

You will want to tell the interviewer that you would bring the issue up with your supervisor, that way if the doctor had an issue with something you were doing, you could rectify the situation and use it as a stepping stone to becoming the best Nurse you possibly could be.

What Do You Find Difficult About Being  A Nurse?

Many interviewees may think that this is a negative question that they should somehow dance around to make it sound as if there are no negative aspects regarding the position they hope to earn. But, that is simply not true.

The best way to answer this question is honestly. Talk about if you find it hard to leave work at work, or if you see a patient who is clearly in pain and you cannot do anything more to ease it. Or, if there is something else along those lines, feel free to let it be known.

Either before or after this question, the person interviewing you will likey ask about the best part of Nursing for you, so you will have a chance to discuss the positives.

Are you ready for your interview?


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