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Paramedics: Laying the Groundwork for AS in EMS

Groundwork for AS in EMS


Earning your Paramedic certification is laying the groundwork for an AS in EMS. The core curriculum of the AS in EMS program at HCI is a combination of EMT and Paramedic training. Paramedic certification is also a requirement to enroll in the online AS in EMS.



Thinking about an AS in EMS?


If you become a Paramedic, you are that much closer to earning an associates degree in Emergency Medical Services. You can come back to school to complete your degree or enroll in the college degree program as soon as you become eligible.

Paramedics are the advanced-level practitioners of paramedicine in the United States. Top EMS professionals are certified Paramedics. They lead teams of EMTs and Paramedics into emergency situations.

Are you considering a college degree in EMS? Then getting your Paramedic credentials will lay the necessary groundwork for completing your degree. In fact, your Paramedic training gives you 45 college credits toward the associates degree.

Paramedic training includes classroom lectures, clinicals with simulated lab work, and field experience. It is a very hands-on training program that gives you the base knowledge you need to make important decisions and the technical skills you need to do the job.

When you complete the Paramedic program, you will be that much closer to having your AS in EMS degree. All that is needed is 15 credit hours to graduate with an associates degree. These last few credit hours can also be taken online.

You can start your career as a Paramedic while finishing your college degree. It is the best of both worlds. There is no need to wait until you have your degree to begin working in your field. Get certified as a Paramedic, start working, then finish the rest of your classes to earn your college degree.


The importance of a Paramedic degree for the AS in EMS


Laying the groundwork for an AS in EMS is a step for your future. You could enhance your credentials and advance your career. It may give you a competitive edge in the workforce. There are so many reasons to enroll in a Paramedic program today.

All you need to enroll is a high school diploma or GED. Fill out the application form and other paperwork, send in your high school transcripts, and make a move toward a whole new career. Contact us for more information or call us at (561) 586-0121.


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