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From Firefighter to Fire Officer I: Is this Path Right For You?

Firefighter to Fire Officer 1

Your firefighting career can take many different career paths. While you can remain a firefighter, there may be other options for advancement within the fire department.

One of those career paths that you may want to consider is the transition from firefighter to Fire Officer I. Is this path right for you?

The role of a Fire Officer I

Fire Officer I is a company officer role. You will serve as a supervisor at your firehouse. As a fire officer, you will train and lead other firefighters. It comes with more responsibility than your role as a firefighter. You have to be able to make decisions and lead a group of people.

Your team depends on you. Being able to make informed decisions under intense pressure is important for this job. Firefighters risk their lives every day, and it is part of the job. Your goal is to ensure that your team survives every rescue mission that you undertake. Sometimes that means that you won’t succeed, but you have to know that you did your best.

As a leader, you also don’t want to micromanage your team. Prepare your team to become the best version of themselves, but there is no need to stand over their shoulders all of the time. Building relationships with your team is an important part of leading them.

Have the company’s best interest in mind when you make decisions. Fire officers should have integrity in their responsibilities and strive to do what is right for their company and their communities.

Is this path right for you?

Once you have served as a firefighter, you may be ready to apply for a promotion to Fire Officer I. Does leading a team of firefighters sound like something that you want to do? Do you feel ready to take that leap in your career?

With training from HCI College, you can prepare for promotion to Fire Officer I. Learn what you need to know to become a leader and an instructor. Then you can apply for this role with confidence that you can succeed.

Enroll in HCI College’s Fire Officer I training program or earn a degree in Fire Science. This career path is waiting for you to make the move!

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