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Advancing Your Career with an AS in EMS

Advancing Your Career with an AS in EMS

You may think that becoming a Paramedic is the highest you can go in this field. EMTs and Paramedics are in high demand.

As people age and need more medical care, the need for prehospital and emergency care increases. EMS responders are also needed after a natural disaster. Let’s explain how you can advance your career with an AS in EMS.

To get a job in EMS, all you need is a high school diploma (or GED) and certification as an EMT or Paramedic. EMTs are entry-level emergency medical providers, while Paramedics are at the advanced level. Why would you need an AS in EMS?

Reasons to get an AS in EMS

An AS in EMS can help you to stand out from other candidates who only have a Paramedic certification. In fact, some organizations may even require their first responders to hold college degrees. You could get higher paying jobs with an AS in EMS in some cases.

Having a degree in EMS also shows that you want to become a leader. Train and supervise other Paramedics on your team with a combination of your experience and a college degree. When it comes time for a promotion in EMS, a college degree can make a difference.

Maybe you want to get other jobs within the prehospital and emergency career field. A college degree opens those doors. You could become a Paramedic trainer or help to advise policy for emergency medical services. These are just a few of the ways that you could advance your career with an AS in EMS.

Get ahead with an AS in EMS

As a Paramedic, you have also already completed a majority of the degree requirements. The AS in EMS is only 60 college credits. Your Paramedic education transfer in 45 credits toward the degree. All you need to do now is finish the last 15 college credits to have a degree in hand.

Since many employers prefer to hire employees with at least an associates degree, the AS in EMS is a smart move for your education and potential career advancement. You can earn your degree online and in the comfort of your home, and still keep your job while you attend school.


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