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2019 EMS Job Projections

EMS Job Projections

Good news for those in Emergency Medical Services! The 2019 job projections for EMS are positive. You can enter this career field knowing that there are opportunities available and that your skills are in high demand.

EMS Career Outlook


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, EMTs and Paramedics have a job outlook of 15% growth between 2016 and 2026. This is faster than the average. First responders like Paramedics are in high demand as a result of natural disasters, accidents, and emergencies.

Job opportunities continue to open up as older workers retire from the field. Increased demand for skilled EMS professionals means that more jobs will become available. Life-threatening emergencies are a fact of life, so Emergency Medical Services are needed all of the time.

More EMS professionals are needed with the continued rise of natural disasters, like flooding, earthquakes, and fires. Hurricanes cause extensive damage, and first responders are needed to rescue people who are stranded or hurt during a storm.


The Future of EMS


The EMS field is also expected to see some technological changes. Look for more automation and even the use of drones and artificial intelligence. These advancements will help EMS to become more effective at their job: saving people’s lives.

Training for the future of EMS will make you valuable in the workforce. Paramedic skills are in high demand with extreme weather patterns. Technology can help EMS professionals locate people faster and reach people who may not have been accessible otherwise.

An AS in EMS can show that you are ready to take on the advancements in the field. You can complete a college program and expand your cognitive thinking and leadership skills. Being prepared for the future of your career field is a smart move to make.


Now What?


Now that you know the 2019 EMS job projections, are you ready to get started? Train for a career as a Paramedic and earn your AS in EMS. The Emergency Medical Services field is looking for hard-working people who want to make a difference.

Contact us for more information or call us at (561) 586-0121 to talk to an enrollment advisor. Your career in EMS awaits you, and we look forward to helping you meet your goals.


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