Responsibilities of an AS in EMS

Responsibilities of an AS in EMS

You can earn your Associate of Science in Emergency Medical Services at HCI. The good news is that you can earn your degree 100% online.

Prerequisites to AS in EMS


You should already be a certified Paramedic before you apply. The credits that you earned to become a Paramedic transfer into the degree. If you are not already a Paramedic, then you can enroll in our Paramedic program first before applying for the AS in EMS.

Paramedics are responsible for advanced life support of patients. They are able to administer medicines to keep people alive, set up IV lines and read EKGs. Paramedics have the responsibility to give the correct dosage of medicines and know which drugs to give patients who may need them.

Paramedics can also manage cardiac conditions and treat diabetics who have too low or too high blood sugar. They must be able to communicate with patients and with other EMS workers to ensure that the process is effective and the patient is comfortable.


AS in EMS responsibilities


After you have become a Paramedic, you only need to complete 15 credits in order to earn your AS in EMS. These credits are in general education. General education courses help to round out your education and give you the “soft skills” that are essential in professional positions.

You will be responsible to listen to or read the lectures that your instructor provides in the online course. These lectures give you a basis for doing the assignments and the knowledge that you need in that subject area.

In addition to lectures, you will have homework assignments and quizzes/exams to complete. The instructors provide deadlines for these that must be followed. Information about the assignments and their deadlines are provided early enough in advance that you can plan on how you will complete them.

An AS in EMS can prepare you for other careers in EMS and the medical professional. You could move on to leading a Paramedic team or get a BS in medical care. The degree is accredited by Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) and licensed by The Florida Department of Health Bureau of Emergency Medical Services.


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