HCI Offers Evening Classes for Student Ease

HCI Offers Evening Classes for Student Ease

Training for a new career is an important step. What if you already have a day job or other responsibilities?

HCI offers evening classes for student ease so that you can begin your education and training on a schedule that works with your life.

EMT and Paramedic programs


The EMT and Paramedic programs prepare students for careers in the emergency medical services field. You learn medical terminology and life-supporting care techniques to keep patients alive on the way to the hospital.

EMT certification is considered an entry-level diploma into the EMS field. It can be completed in as little as four months. The Paramedic program expands the knowledge of EMTs for advanced care techniques; this program can be completed in 12 months.

Evening classes allow students to engage in their learning on a schedule that works for them. You can still receive the hands-on training that you need for your career in a comfortable learning environment, but it will be during the evening instead of during traditional daytime hours.


Benefits of evening classes


With evening classes, you can keep your current day job. This is helpful for students who are paying their school tuition on their own or who have other responsibilities that require that they continue to work. Evening classes allow students to get their education on a schedule that is more convenient for them.

HCI’s evening EMT and Paramedic programs prepare students for a fast-paced career as emergency medical services providers. Working for ambulances and in ER departments of hospitals requires commitment and dedication. Our classes give students the appropriate training to handle the demands of the job.

There is no need to hold off on training for a new career! Thanks to evening classes at HCI, students have the ease of enrolling in classes that fit their schedules. Daytime classes often mean that students have to rearrange their lives in order to attend, but evening classes make it possible for them to live their current lives and embrace their futures!

Learn more about evening classes at HCI by contacting us today. The EMT and Paramedic programs are just two of the programs that we offer as evening classes. We are here to help you to achieve your career goals!


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