From Firefighter to Fire Officer I

From Firefighter to Fire Officer I


When you have been firefighting for a few years, you might begin wondering where to go next in your career. Firefighting has many advancement opportunities, but higher level positions often require additional training and certification.

You can go from firefighter to Fire Officer I with training at HCI.

Learn more about what it means to become a Fire Officer I and how to train for this role. You can go from a firefighter to Fire Officer I after completing the required training and applying for certification.


What is Fire Officer I


Fire officers are leaders within the fire department. The first level of fire officer, known as Fire Officer I, is a community representative for the local fire service. Fire Officer I professionals meet with the community to share necessary information. Being able to speak to reporters and the general community is an important role.

In addition to public relations, Fire Officer I professionals have skills in human resources and training of other firefighters. This is a leadership position within the fire service, and firefighters who want to be promoted to Fire Officer I should be prepared to take on supervisory responsibilities.

Training and certification for Fire Officer I help candidates to become ready to take on the role. Your skills as a firefighter form the foundation for becoming a Fire Officer I in the fire service.


Go from Firefighter to Fire Officer I


HCI offers a hybrid Fire Officer I program for firefighters who are looking for advancement in their careers. Majority of the courses can be completed online, but one course will be on campus.

The courses that you will need to complete to become a Fire Officer I and qualify for certification include Company Officer and Leadership, Building Construction for Fire Protection, Fire Fighting Tactics & Strategy I, and Fire Service Course Delivery (Blended). These courses meet the standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

You will also learn about how to lead in the fire department and how to deliver fire service courses to train new firefighters and keep your current firefighters updated on the latest techniques.



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