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Career Benefits of an AS in EMS Degree

Career Benefits of an AS in EMS Degree

EMTs and Paramedics, the professionals who make up Emergency Medical Services, may only need a high school diploma/GED and certified training to enter the field.

So, why would anyone need to get the degree? There are career benefits of an AS in EMS. Let’s talk about a few of them.

Career Benefits


As a Paramedic, you have already earned 45 credits toward an associate degree in EMS. All you need to finish the degree is another 15 credit hours. Because you have put in so much work already, why not go all the way to earn the full Associate of Science in Emergency Medical Services?

Adding an EMS degree to your resume can also give you a competitive edge in getting jobs. It shows that you have followed through on your education and have gained “soft skills,” like math and writing, that EMS employers look for in their teams.

An AS in EMS also gives you more career options. Some of these options include management, research, EMS director, and policymaking. Careers that involve leadership, management or supervision tend to require having a degree that backs up your skills.


Furthering Your Career


You may also want to further your career in the medical field. With an EMS degree, you have the option to continue your schooling. You could go for medical school or a physician assistant program. Graduate school could also be in the future.

You may one day want to lead a team of Paramedics. An AS in EMS could make that a possibility. It sets you apart from other Paramedics in the field. With a combination of experience and education, you could qualify for these leadership positions.

While a degree may not necessarily translate into a higher salary, it is still possible. Some ambulances might offer you a higher salary because of the degree. This might be something that is important to you and is certainly something to keep in mind. A higher salary is also possible if you go into other EMS positions that require a degree for advancement.

There are many career benefits to earning your AS in EMS. If you want to learn more about the AS in EMS at HCI, contact us. We are enrolling students today!



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