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How to Go From EMT to Paramedic

How to Go From EMT to Paramedic

Have you been working as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)? Or do you want to start your career as an EMT and become a Paramedic in the future? It is possible to go from EMT to Paramedic.

In fact, it is generally recommended to begin as an EMT then become a Paramedic. How do you go from EMT to Paramedic, though?

Going from EMT to Paramedic


Well, the good news is that you have already completed your EMT training and certification. All Paramedics have learned the same things that EMTs have learned. If you have also been working in the field as an EMT, you already have a strong basis for becoming a Paramedic.

Paramedics are advanced prehospital providers. That means that they can perform medical services that EMT-Basics are not allowed to do. It also means that they are often the leaders in an ambulance.

If you want to go from EMT to Paramedic, you have to go back to school for more training. You will learn advanced EMS procedures and life-supporting techniques at school. These are necessary for becoming a Paramedic.

Expect that your training will go very in-depth on the material. Becoming a Paramedic will require that you work hard and study to learn and understand the material. Your job is literally dealing with life and death situations, so preparation is critical.


What it Takes to Become a Paramedic


As an EMT, you learned how to give CPR, give glucose to diabetic patients, give oxygen to patients, and assist Paramedics with other tasks. Paramedics must learn how to administer medications, draw blood, start intravenous lines (IVs), and so much more. You will gain new and advanced technical skills.

Becoming a Paramedic may be a natural transition if you have been working as a certified EMT. It will advance your career and open up more job opportunities for you. The Paramedic certification is its own credential, so you will need to enroll in a program that meets the requirements for the certification.

The Paramedic program at HCI can be completed in as little as 12 months. You will do 422 clock hours of theory, 150 clock hours of labs, and 540 clock hours at an externship. Your background as an EMT will certainly prove to be valuable as you train to become a Paramedic.


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