EMT: Daytime Courses vs. Evening Courses

Daytime Courses vs. Evening Courses


You can earn your EMT certification in as little as four months. To become an EMT, you have to receive instruction and training in the field. Your last step is to pass the EMT examination and apply for certification in the state of Florida.

You may be wondering if you can work EMT courses into your schedule, though. Your quality of education will be the same no matter which time of day that you attend class, but let’s compare daytime EMT classes with evening EMT classes.


Daytime EMT Courses

Your daytime courses will take place during the day. That much is obvious. Do you want to attend daytime classes? Here is what you should know:
If you take daytime classes, you can’t work a full-time day job. This is a good option for people who currently work nights or weekends.

  • Are you a morning person? This is key to a daytime schedule.
  • You function better during the day. If you can absorb new information better during daytime hours, then daytime EMT classes might work for you.
  • You like daytime classes and always have.
  • Your best friends are in the daytime EMT courses.

Evening EMT Courses


You might be considering the evening course option for your EMT program. Find out if this is the right option for you:

  • You thrive after dark. As soon as the sun goes down, your brain is on fire and ready to learn.
  • You have a daytime job and evening classes are the only way you can fit in your education.
  • You have other daytime responsibilities, so evening EMT courses are your best option.
  • You like the evening learning crowd.
  • The evening hours are your favorite hours.
  • Meeting new people is part of the fun. There will be people who are transitioning their careers in the evening classes, as well as people who have just graduated from high school.

Whichever time you choose for attending your EMT courses depends on your current schedule and responsibilities. HCI offers both options in our EMT program. Contact us to learn more or to enroll in classes!


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