Earning Your EMT Certification with Evening Courses

Earning Your EMT Certification with Evening Courses

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are in high demand. When there are natural disasters or medical emergencies, EMTs and Paramedics are called as first responders to save people’s lives.

You can earn your EMT certification with evening courses.

The Benefits of Evening EMT Courses


This entry-level prehospital credential prepares you to work with patients on an ambulance and in the emergency room of hospitals. You will be able to provide basic life support and emergency care, as well as assist Paramedics and other emergency personnel.

Earning your EMT certification with evening courses means that you can study for this career while keeping your day job. This is perfect for people who have full-time jobs and want to transition their careers, or for people who have financial responsibilities that require that they work during the day.

Because the courses are also offered in the evening, you can work your EMT education around your life and current responsibilities. The program prepares you to take the EMT examination to be certified in Florida as an EMT. Pass the exam, and you can begin working as an EMT.

Evening classes are a convenient option for many people. There is no need to put off following your dream career when you can work it into your busy schedule. Four months of instruction and training in the evenings will help you to achieve your goal of becoming an EMT.


The EMT Education


The EMT program at HCI can be completed in as little as four months. In one semester, students have 150 clock hours of instruction in the form of lectures. Learn about the human anatomy and the techniques used in the field to preserve life.

Students get hands-on experience in labs. The 56 clock hours reserved for labs let EMT students work in a simulated medical environment where they can practice the concepts taught in lecture.

The 94-clock-hour externship provides EMT students with real-life experience in the field. You will work alongside certified and experienced EMTs and Paramedics. Lectures take on new meaning when you can see what you have learned in action and in real time.

Contact us to learn more about EMT certification courses and our evening scheduling option. We would love to see you in our next session!



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