Become a Paramedic to Earn Your AS in EMS

Become a Paramedic to Earn Your AS in EMS

Paramedics are advanced emergency medical services providers. You can get a head start on earning your AS in EMS by becoming a Paramedic.

The education and training that you receive as a Paramedic will transfer into the associate degree program.

Becoming a Paramedic


The Paramedic program at HCI takes an average of 12 months to complete. You will earn 45 college credits that can be applied toward the AS in EMS degree, but the Paramedic certification means that you can begin your career sooner.

In the Paramedic certification program, you will take 422 clock hours of theory. You learn about advanced life support techniques and the roles and responsibilities of being a Paramedic. Paramedics have more advanced training than EMT-Basics.

In addition to lecture hours, you will have 150 clock hours of labs. These labs are hands-on and in a simulated medical environment. Practice what you have learned in the lectures and get hands-on knowledge of medical equipment and procedures.

The 540 clock hours for the externship will place you in real-world situations alongside certified Paramedics. Everything you have learned in class and in the lab will benefit you when you get experience in the field. You will get experience on an ambulance and in a hospital emergency room.


Earning the AS in EMS


Once you have finished your required Paramedic training and passed the certification exam, you will be able to register with the state of Florida and begin applying for jobs. Certified Paramedics are in high demand, and you can begin your career.

Earning your AS in EMS will only require another 15 credit hours. These credit hours will involve general education courses in communication and writing, science, math, and history. Your education will be well-rounded for professional positions in your career field.

An AS in EMS will benefit those who wish to advance their career opportunities within emergency medical services. Increase your employability by being certified as a Paramedic and earning an associate degree in the field.

Why wait any longer? Become a Paramedic to earn your AS in EMS. Contact us to learn more about this program and how you can get started.


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