What is Fire Officer II when Earning AS in Fire Science?

Fire Officer II

When earning your AS in Fire Science at HCI, you will hear about Fire Officer II several times. It might not be a familiar term. What does it mean to be a Fire Officer II, and why would you want to become one?

Fire Officer II Description


The fire service has many different levels and positions. It is more than being a firefighter, although that is certainly part of what it means to be in the fire service. Fire Officers are supervisors and trainers in the fire departments. They teach and lead other firefighters.

Fire Officer II is a mid-level, supervisor position. This is a position in which the firefighter has experience and training that spans several years. They have in-depth knowledge in fire science that they are able to share with others. Fire Officers are also instructors.

To become a Fire Officer II, you have to already have Fire Officer I certification and hold a valid certificate to serve as a firefighter in your community. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) sets the standards for Fire Officers, and the courses that are part of the AS in Fire Science curriculum adhere to those standards.


The Mid-level Career Firefighter


Level II Fire Officers learn more management and instructor techniques. This is training to move to a mid-level career position within the fire service, and all of the knowledge and skills gained in previous courses will serve as a strong basis. The certification goes even more in-depth on topics related to firefighting and managing a fire department.

Earning your Associate of Science in Fire Science at Health Career Institute includes the requirements for becoming a Fire Officer II. Courses in building construction, firefighting tactics and strategies, fire service course design and company officer prepare graduates for becoming a Fire Officer II in their careers.

The program can be completed in as little as 24 months. It is a rigorous program, but firefighting is a rigorous career. Certified firefighters can enroll in the AS in Fire Science program and advance their careers. If you would like to learn more about the AS in Fire Science program at HCI, contact us today!


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