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Obtaining A Career As A Firefighter

firefighter career

If you are going to school for Fire Science and considering entering the field as a Firefighter, you have come to the right place. Where do you begin to look for jobs in your field? The following will outline how to go about getting a position as a Firefighter.

Making Connections With Firefighters

If you are currently in school to become a firefighter, then you are at one of the best places to begin your networking. Some schools hire industry professionals who can help pave the way to fire companies. Ask your instructors where they began, how they got their jobs, and where they think you should go.

Follow up on their suggestions and let them know about how it turned out. They will be happy to keep guiding you if they know you are following their suggestions based on experience.

Using Your School As A Firefighter Career Resource

Chances are good that your school has many connections to the fire departments. Make an appointment with your advisor to find out about the school’s affiliations. Once you get that done, try calling the departments to get your foot in the door before you receive your Fire Science degree. Always be sure to leave a lasting impression by sending in a handwritten thank you immediately following any meeting you may have with any departments.

Volunteer Firefighter

A great way to start out and add to your resume is to become a volunteer Firefighter. Though there may not be pay, you will be greatly compensated in first-hand experience which will stand out on your resume.

Even while you are volunteering, make sure to always network and market yourself if you are looking to move on to a paid position.

How will you begin your Firefighter career journey?


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