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What is Fire Officer I when Earning an AS in Fire Science?

Fire Officer I

Health Career Institute offers the AS in Fire Science for firefighters who want to advance their careers. The title of Fire Officer I will come up often when working toward the AS in Fire Science, and we want to explain what it means.

Fire Officer I


Fire Officers are firefighters with the training to teach and lead other firefighters. To become a Fire Officer I or Fire Officer level I, firefighters have to be trained in instructional techniques and advanced firefighting techniques.

First-level leadership training is also part of what a Fire Officer I learns. Becoming a Fire Officer at the first level is a step toward leadership within the fire service, and that is one of the main reasons why this is covered in the Associate of Science program for Fire Science.

Training to become a Fire Officer I leader is an important step in a firefighter’s career. Those in the fire department who want to advance in their careers and take on more responsibility would benefit from getting certified as a Fire Officer I.

The Fire Officer learns more advanced tactics and strategies in the prevention and elimination of fires. Understanding building materials and flammability, as well as what techniques and tools are needed to put out different types of fires, is part of the curriculum.

As an officer, the firefighter can take on supervisory roles in their departments. The training that they gain from their certification course prepares them for the tasks of leadership.


Fire Officers and the AS in Fire Science


Students enrolled in the AS in Fire Science will hear about Fire Officer I in many of their courses. The program equips students to become a Fire Officer in the field, as well as other leadership roles. With the knowledge that they gain in the program, they can advance in their firefighting careers.

The AS in Fire Science at HCI can be completed in 24 months. Students earn 60 college credits toward the degree and graduate with an associate of science degree and qualifications to apply for Fire Officers and other leadership positions.

Becoming a Fire Officer I is an important step in a firefighter’s career. Learn more about what it takes to become a Fire Officer by contacting us today or enrolling in our AS in Fire Science program.


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