How to Become an EMT in Fort Lauderdale at HCI

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Emergency Medical Technicians are first responders. We see them at accidents, natural disasters, and around town, wherever there is an emergency and people’s lives at stake. EMTs provide a valuable service to the community.

You can become an EMT in Fort Lauderdale at HCI, and here is how to make that happen.

Imagine your future career as an EMT. The good news is that you can complete your training in as little as four months! All you need to begin is a high school diploma or GED. Enrolling in HCI’s EMT program is the first step toward your new career.


The EMT program at HCI


What you should expect from this program is a solid, comprehensive education with hands-on technical skills. EMTs learn how to perform CPR, give oxygen, bandage wounds, stabilize head and neck injuries, perform emergency childbirth, and more.

At HCI, you will learn Basic Life Support that proves valuable in patient care for emergency medical services. The theory courses teach you how to assess emergencies and determine the proper treatments, how to work with Paramedics and other EMTs in a team, and what to expect when you reach the emergency room.

Labs take your knowledge to the next level. You will get to work with medical equipment and simulated emergency situations to practice what you learned in class. Applying your technical skills before you ever set foot on an ambulance will help you when you need your skills in the field. It becomes second nature for you.


Becoming an EMT in Fort Lauderdale


The externship gives you the real-world experience you need. On the externship, you will see what it is like for EMTs and Paramedics, assisting them in real emergencies and the other duties that EMTs are responsible for handling.

Once you have completed and passed your training, you need to take the National Registry Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT) exam and apply for certification in the state of Florida. You will then be a certified EMT in Fort Lauderdale and can begin applying for job openings in the area!

HCI’s EMT program in Fort Lauderdale prepares you for a career as an EMT. To find out more or enroll today, call us at 954-626-0255. We can help you get started.



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