Reasons to Become an EMT in Fort Lauderdale

Become an EMT in Fort Lauderdale


Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) serve on the front lines of health care. Television shows are proof that people find the life of EMTs, Paramedics, doctors and nurses so fascinating, and we can point out several reasons to become an EMT in Fort Lauderdale. Oh, let us count the ways!

High-demand career
EMTs and Paramedics have an expected growth rate of 15 percent between 2016 to 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. EMTs are in high demand in the healthcare field. You can train to become an EMT in as little as four months, make connections while in school, and find a job soon after certification.

Never boring
The job of an EMT is never boring. Each day is different. Some days may be filled with non-stop emergencies or the occasional “rescue a cat from a tree” emergency. You will work with your co-workers and build relationships within the community. Bored? Never!

Helping people
EMTs also get the opportunity to help people and save their lives. Your job as an EMT is to support the lives of patients, and you will have the skills, knowledge, and tools to save their lives. If you want to help people, becoming an EMT in Fort Lauderdale gives you that chance in a very real way.

Career growth potential
There is tremendous growth potential as an EMT. Emergency Medical Technicians are entry-level healthcare providers. You can take your experience to become a Paramedic, nurse, or even a doctor with additional training and certification. However, experience as an EMT can prepare you for a lifelong career in the medical field.

Important life skills
The skills you gain as an EMT will serve you throughout your life. As an EMT, you learn how to solve problems, work in teams, deal with stressful situations, and emergency medical knowledge. Your training will prepare you for your future.

Knowing what to do
You’ll also know what to do if there is an emergency in your family. Knowing how to help your friends and family if they are experiencing an emergency means that they have someone near who can save their lives and get them the help that they need. In many emergencies, like stroke or cardiac arrest, every second counts.


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