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Paramedics: What You Need to Know


A career as a Paramedic starts with getting an education in emergency medical services. This high-demand career field has a faster-than-average job outlook, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

A career as a Paramedic


Paramedics are the first responders to medical emergencies. This means that Paramedics will ride in ambulances to check on 9-1-1 calls or arrive on the scene of accidents and natural disasters.

Paramedics perform life-supporting services for their patients. They know how to treat broken bones and burns, perform CPR and use an AED, and manage strokes, cardiac arrests and allergic reactions.

This is a fast-paced career that requires an understanding of medical terminology and decision-making under pressure. Emergency medical Paramedics know how to stay cool under an emergency and provide the best care to their patients.


Your education and training


The Paramedic program at HCI can be completed in 12 months. Students learn the medical terminology and techniques that they will use on the job. They also learn how to treat various emergency conditions and how to provide care to patients.

Paramedics take 422 hours of theory courses. These courses form the basis that Paramedics need to succeed in the field. Hands-on labs give them the opportunity to apply those skills.

Finally, the Paramedics in training will get to participate in 540 hours of externship. They will get to ride in an ambulance with certified and experienced EMTs and Paramedics. Experience in an emergency room setting is also an important component to their education.

The education that the Paramedic receives is to prepare for the Florida State Paramedic Exam. Once the graduate of a Paramedic program passes the exam, they will be able to apply for jobs as a Paramedic.

How to learn more

Paramedics are an important part of the prehospital medical team. When it comes to emergencies, the ability for EMTs and Paramedics to arrive on time and perform life-supporting services is critical. Well-trained Paramedics will always be in high demand.



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