Obtaining A Career As An EMT After Course Completion

EMT career

Once you have received your Emergency Medical Technician certifications, you will want to lock down a job in the field. But, just like any career, you have to start before you finish.

Get Yourself Out There For EMT Position

When you are in the field training to become an Emergency Medical Technician and coming in contact with people who are already in their careers, make sure you get the word out that you will be looking for a position once you have received your certifications.

Spend as much time as you can with those who can potentially assist you in a career as an EMT. Even if you are not out in the field, try asking to grab lunch or a cup of coffee and pick their brains about obtaining a career.

Look At Private Companies

Just to have your bases covered, you should also look into private companies that might be hiring EMTs. If you start looking at private companies before you have received your certifications, you will want to make phone calls as sending in your resume likely will not cut it at this stage.

Find out if they are willing to meet with you prior to completing school. It is always best to do face-to-face meetings when trying to secure a future position as an EMT.

Volunteering As An EMT

If your above two options don’t seem to be working out, or you just want to volunteer, find out where you can do so. While it may mean working for free, it also means increasing your experience and beefing up your resume. Try to make connections with those who volunteer and see if that is a viable option for you. 


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