Education Need to Become a Firefighter

Education Need to Become a Firefighter

What education do you need to become a firefighter? While firefighters can begin their careers without a degree in fire science, they still must get trained as firefighters.

Firefighting requires a certain set of skills and knowledge.

What Florida requires for firefighters


Florida firefighters must be certified as either EMTs or Paramedics in addition to Firefighter II certification. Getting trained in emergency medical services means that a firefighter is able to provide necessary medical care to people whom they rescue.

In addition to those two certifications, firefighters must also get Firefighter Minimum Standards Certification training. Fire training is a combination of knowing the science behind fires and the equipment you use on the job, as well as the physical aspect of doing the job.

You need to have a high school diploma or GED. Once you enroll in fire training school, you need to work toward an EMT certification and Firefighter II certification. Getting approved training that meets the minimum standards is also required.


Firefighter education in Florida


HCI provides firefighter training that is approved by the Florida State Fire College. You will learn what it takes to become a career firefighter and be prepared to apply for a job at a local fire department.

Certified firefighters can enhance their careers with an associate’s degree in Fire Science. Some of the courses included in the program cover fire prevention practices, fire codes and standards, fire fighting tactics and strategy, and building construction for the fire service.

Once you have received all of your required education needed to become a firefighter, you will be able to apply for firefighter jobs. The hiring process includes a written examination, an interview, a pass/fail physical ability examination, background checks, and a medical examination.

Getting the education you need to become a firefighter is the first step toward beginning this fast-paced career. Your knowledge will guide you on the job. You must also be able to apply your skills in real-life emergencies and follow directions that your fire leader gives you.

As a Florida firefighter, you can give back to your community and advance your career. Contact us to learn more about our fire training programs today.



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