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Becoming an EMT in Florida and What It Means for Your Future

Becoming an EMT in Florida

Becoming an EMT in Florida means career possibilities in your future. Emergency Medical Technicians are the first responders to an emergency.

A career as an EMT provides you with an entrance into an in-demand career field.

How to become an EMT


The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that the job outlook for EMTs and Paramedics is at a 15 percent growth rate, which is faster than the average. EMTs also earn a median annual salary of $33,380 or $16.05 per hour.

As the population grows older, the demand for EMTs and other medical professionals will continue to grow. The life-supporting services that EMTs provide are critical to the improved outcomes of patients.

The EMT training program at Health Career Institute takes about four months. Students will engage in 150 theory hours, 56 lab hours, and 94 externship hours. Becoming an EMT in Florida requires hard work and determination to succeed.


What it means for your future


What it means for your future is that you will have begun a career in the healthcare field. Some people choose to remain EMTs their entire career, while others go on to become certified as Paramedics or earn degrees in EMS or nursing. A career as an EMT opens many doors.

You can begin a career as an EMT in Florida in as little as four months, or one semester of school. This means that you do not have to wait as long before getting into the field. You must pass your training and your certification exams, but then you are able to begin seeking a job as an EMT.

The hands-on training that you receive as an EMT student allows you to apply your knowledge base from the theory and lecture courses. You should be ready to do the job in real-life situations upon graduation of the program.

Becoming an EMT in Florida means that you will have begun a career in the healthcare field that is in high demand and opens the door for many other opportunities in the future, if you choose to pursue them.

Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive EMT program. Imagine your future as an EMT professional, and it all begins here.


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