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Bachelor Degree in Nursing: What Does It Take?

Bachelor Degree in Nursing


While Registered Nurses can enter the field with an associate degree in nursing (ADN), the bachelor of science degree in nursing (BSN) gives nurses the opportunity to seek a higher level of employment within the nursing field.

Maybe you have already completed your ADN and want to get more education to qualify for a promotion. Or, maybe you have not begun your nursing career yet and want to enter the field with a BSN in-hand. You just know that you are ready to take this step for your future.


The BSN and you


What does it take to earn a bachelor degree in nursing? Just like the ADN, the BSN covers what nurses need to know before entering the field. Nursing students will learn professional nursing theory and expectations, medical science like biology and human anatomy, and medicine science for administering medicines to patients.

The bachelor degree in nursing also examines critical care concepts. Nurses in the BSN program will learn about wellness across lifespans, caring for people at various stages in their life and health, and what it takes to be a nurse in leadership and management.

With 120 credit hours of instruction, nursing students in the BSN program will become knowledgeable and skilled in the nursing field. Being successful requires a combination of determination and regular studying.

Remember that you want to provide high-quality care to your patients. Understanding the course material and knowing how to apply it in real-life situations goes a long way toward becoming a good nurse.


Succeeding in nursing school


The BSN program is designed with flexibility in mind. We know that you may have to work while attending school and that you also need time for self-study and homework.

So, you be a full-time student with only nine credit hours (versus the 12 credit hours needed for most colleges). You also have the option to take less than nine credit hours and take some of your courses online!

The bachelor degree in nursing takes the time and commitment needed to do anything well. You will have the resources that you need to succeed. The education you receive will prepare you for a higher level career in nursing. Contact us to learn more today!


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