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Becoming a Firefighter in West Palm Beach

Becoming a Firefighter in West Palm Beach


The Bureau of Labor Statistics job outlook for firefighters is a growth rate of seven percent. Firefighting careers are in-demand.

Becoming a firefighter in West Palm Beach will require the right training and a high level of determination.

Firefighters exterminate fires and save people and property from fire damage. The job of a firefighter requires a knowledge of safety practices and physical fitness to withstand the heat, both from the fires and from the heavy lifting. Firefighter training is vital to the success of this career.


Fire training programs


In West Palm Beach, you can enroll in the fire training program at Health Career Institute. Learn to become a Fire Officer I or II with a combination of theory courses and hands-on training. The Fire Inspector track trains firefighters for inspecting buildings for fire safety regulations.

The associate degree in fire science prepares firefighters for a wide range of careers within the fire department, as well as for supervisory and management roles. It is offered at HCI’s West Palm Beach campus.

Firefighters are trained in the science behind firefighting and fire prevention. Students also learn about the equipment and technology that firefighters use to do their jobs. Courses in the codes and standards for firefighting and fire prevention also prepare the student for other roles within the fire department.

You will also learn about construction and how to navigate a building when fighting a fire. Buildings may not always be up to code, so what should you do? How do you stay alive and keep others alive when facing a fire in certain building structures. This course covers what you need to know to make smart decisions.


Becoming a firefighter


Becoming a firefighter in West Palm Beach starts with training. You have to understand fires and how to prevent and stop them. Techniques for rescuing people and pets from fires is also an important part of your training.

When firefighters go into a burning building, they need to be able to think and move quickly. Critical thinking skills and the ability to think under pressure are great for firefighters. Training at our West Palm Beach campus means that you will be ready from Day One at your new job with a fire department.



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