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Emergency Medical Technician Training in West Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale

emt training

Emergency Medical Technicians, or EMTs, work on ambulances for hospitals and private emergency services. EMTs are first responders for emergencies. The job is fast paced and varies from day to day.

Training as an Emergency Medical Technician is available in West Palm Beach or in Fort Lauderdale.

EMT training programs


EMTs are required to get a certain level of education and training before they can enter the field. The training needs to be approved by the Florida Department of Health. After training is completed, the EMT graduate needs to take the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) examination, as well as a Florida EMT examination, in order to become a certified EMT.

Health Career Institute offers a comprehensive EMT training program at both of our campuses, West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. The program for EMTs is 12 college credit hours, or 250 clock hours. Most people finish the program in four months.

The EMT training in West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale starts with 150 hours of theory. A theory basis provides the EMT with the necessary knowledge that is vital to the job. Without the right knowledge, an EMT will not be able to properly care for patients.


Becoming an EMT


Theory needs to be put into practice. The EMT program at HCI includes 56 hours of lab work. EMT trainees get hands-on experience with simulated patients. They handle the technology that they will use on the job and work through practice scenarios.

The final component to the EMT training program at West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale campuses is an externship. This is where EMT trainees get to ride along in an ambulance with professional EMTs and Paramedics to see what the job is like in real life. Time on the ambulance and in the emergency room gives the EMT trainee first-hand experience.

With the Emergency Medical Technician training available in Florida, you have an opportunity to begin your career as an EMT in as little as four months. Continuing education for EMTs is also available at HCI campuses in West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale.

Are you ready to begin your career as an EMT? Call us to learn more about becoming an EMT in Florida!


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