What is a Nursing Manager?

Nursing Manager


A career in nursing offers many different possibilities. Registered Nurses can work their way up the ladder to become a Nursing Manager. After years of being a nurse, the Nursing Manager position may be the natural progression in your career.

Nursing Managers play an important role in nursing. They serve as administrators and leaders of the nurses at their hospitals or medical facilities. By guiding the nurses in their departments, the nursing manager becomes the point-of-contact for the nurses who work under his or her supervision.


Nursing manager as leaders in their departments


While Nursing Managers will sometimes still work on the floor, the role of a nursing manager includes other responsibilities. Nursing Managers interview new nurses and make hiring decisions. They handle the scheduling and supervise all of the nurses in their department.

Nursing Managers also collaborate with physicians in the care of patients. Administrative work like managing the department schedule is part of the job, but that does not mean that Nursing Managers never get to work with patients.

There are times when Nursing Managers will assist in patient care, and the skills that they gained as Registered Nurses will come into play. Being a Nursing Manager relies on the people skills and medical knowledge that the nurses gained as Registered Nurses, but administrative and leadership skills are needed to become effective as a Nursing Manager.


It all begins by becoming a registered nurse


Becoming a Nursing Manager begins by first entering the field as a Registered Nurse. As an RN, you learn what it takes to run an effective nursing department. Taking a few courses in business or healthcare administration will also be valuable for those who would like to become a Nursing Manager in their futures.

Nursing Managers often need to continue their education. While RNs can enter the field with an associate of science degree, Nursing Managers need to get a BSN and work toward a master’s degree in nursing if they want to become Certified Nursing Managers.

Nurses can also become Nursing Managers if they have the amount of experience that their hospital requires for the position. Earning the Certified Nursing Manager credential is not required unless you want the additional certification for the position.



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