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Nursing Shortage Revives Career Fairs

Nursing Shortage Revives Career Fairs


Career fairs seemed to be fading out a few years ago, but the career fair has been making a comeback.

Why? Hospitals and other medical facilities need to hire more nurses. And if the nurses won’t come to them, they have to go to the nurses.

The in-person career fair means that healthcare employers can meet entry-level and career-changing nurses who are actively looking for employment. Recruiters only have a split second to decide whether to consider these applicants for further interviewing, so a good first impression is a must.


Resumes and elevator pitches


Have a polished resume on hand. Consult with the career counselor at your college and prepare a resume that showcases your education, experience, and expertise. Proofread it so that there are no typos or spelling errors. Make sure that your contact information is current. You will want to bring several copies of your resume to the career fair.

Dress like you want the job. Think pants or dress suit. You are a professional, so you need to look like one at the career fair. Your hair and makeup should be interview-ready. Wear comfortable but professional-style shoes to the event.

Have a three-minute and a five-minute pitch. You might not get a full five minutes with a recruiter, so prepare a quick introduction that can be summarized in three to five minutes. Practice ahead of time.


Register early


Register early and research the event beforehand. Know which employers will be there. If you research employers ahead of time, you can have a list of which employers you would be most interested in working for. You can also tailor your pitch to the employer.

Go alone to the career fair. Your family is important, but they should not be going to job interviews with you. The career fair is a series of potential job interviews. You want to be focused on your primary goal: finding the right job.

Your body language makes a difference. If you meet recruiters with a nervous stare and fidgety hands, recruiters are likely not to consider you for employment. Be confident and open, friendly and conversational.

Career fairs are making a comeback. Be prepared, and you just might find that first nursing job you have been hoping for!


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