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Becoming an EMT in Lauderdale Lakes

Becoming an EMT in Lauderdale Lakes

Emergency Medical Technicians, or EMTs, provide the pre-hospital care that patients need before they reach the hospital.

EMTs can help cardiac and stroke patients when time is of the essence. Life-supporting services that EMTs provide make them an important part of medical teams.

EMT Training


Becoming an EMT in Lauderdale Lakes takes about four months of training. An EMT is an entry-level emergency medical services career, but it does require having the appropriate knowledge base and skill set. EMTs have to meet educational requirements before they can take the state or national examinations for EMT certification.

The rigorous program includes a combination of classwork and hands-on training. In the classroom, EMTs learn about human anatomy, biology, and emergency medical services procedures. Lectures and labs bring the coursework to life. Studying the medical terminology and learning about the tools that EMTs use on the job will prepare students for the real-life emergency medical training that they will receive at the next portion of the program.


Hands-on Experiences


EMTs receive 40 hours of ride time on an ambulance with certified EMTs and Paramedics. This gives new EMTs an introduction to the varied pace of working on an ambulatory team in the field. Some days will be busy with life-and-death emergencies, while others will have a slower pace of helping people not in life-threatening situations but who needed medical care.

Another 10 hours are spent in a hospital setting. EMTs are first responders, but they also bring patients to the hospital and work with doctors and nurses in the initial stages of dealing with a life-threatening emergency. EMTs need to know how to handle these stressful situations while also working with a diverse group of people. People skills are an important part of being an EMT.

Upon completion of the EMT program in Lauderdale Lakes, students will be qualified to take the certification exam, either on the state-level or the national-level, and become certified Emergency Medical Technicians ready to enter the career field.

The first step toward becoming an EMT in Lauderdale Lakes is requesting more information about the EMT training program at our Ft. Lauderdale campus. Call 954-626-0255 or contact us online.


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