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How to Become an EMT in Miami

Become an EMT in Miami

Have you been considering a career as an Emergency Medical Technician in Miami? At HCI’s Lauderdale Lakes campus, you can train to become an EMT in as little as four months.

Four months of EMT training involves knowledge-based theory courses and hands-on labs. The program concludes with an externship on an ambulance and in the hospital to see what being an EMT in the field requires. Students apply their knowledge under the guidance of certified EMTs and Paramedics.

What EMTs Do

EMTs learn patient assessment and transportation. Students also learn about opening airways, restoring breathing, controlling blood loss, treating victims of shock, immobilizing fractures, bandaging wounds, childbirth assistance, caring for heart attack patients, and poison and burn victims. This is a comprehensive study that prepares EMTs for the situations that they will face on the field.

An EMT in Miami might also be called upon to assist with patients on the beach who have nearly drowned. Injuries can result from surfing or from coming too close to stingrays or other marine animals. Trained EMTs will be able to assist in these medical situations.

Growing in the EMT Career

Emergency Medical Technicians are an important part of the emergency medical services team at hospitals and on ambulances. Becoming an EMT is also a great way to enter the medical field and learn how to work with patients in a variety of situations.

The EMT program at the Lauderdale Lakes campus prepares students to enter the field upon graduation. Once students have taken and passed the certification exam, they can apply for jobs at hospitals and emergency medical centers.

Students may choose to complete the Paramedic program or earn an Associate of Science degree in Emergency Medical Services in the future. Or, they can choose to remain EMTs throughout their careers. The options are endless.

Becoming an EMT in Miami begins with the education required to enter the field. With flexible class options, students can earn their credentials on a schedule that works for them. Success is possible with class attendance and additional study time. The hands-on training prepares students for the reality of working as an EMT in the Miami area.

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