How Do You Start to Become a Nurse?

How Do You Start to Become a Nurse


Nurses are trained medical professionals who work alongside doctors. Nurses help to coordinate patient care with doctors and surgeons.

Without nurses, hospitals would not be able to manage the intake of patients. Their role is so vital to the medical profession that nurses continue to be an in-demand career field.


The Nursing Education


A career in nursing begins with education. Nurses are required to receive a certain level of education before they qualify for the registered nursing exam. Experience in the field is important when training to become a nurse.

The school must be approved by the Florida Board of Nursing and meet particular education standards. An associate of science degree in nursing (ASN) means that a graduate qualifies to take the National Council Licensing Exam (NCLEX) to become a Registered Nurse.

Health Career Institute’s ASN program provides 72 credits of instruction. Nursing students learn theory, medical knowledge, and patient care techniques. In addition to the classroom lessons, nursing students will have practical labs that allow them to work with simulated patients. Then nursing students will get hands-on experience in a hospital setting.


Classrooms and Hands-on Learning


Start to become a nurse by enrolling in a nursing program. The courses increase a student’s knowledge in how the human body works and how to treat illnesses and injuries. Learning how to work with different types of patients is also an important skill. Nurses learn good communication skills that carry over well in the workplace.

The clinicals give nurses a chance to practice what they have learned in the classroom. Simulated patients and medical situations mean that nurses will be prepared to handle similar experiences when they work in the real world.

When the nurses go to work in a hospital, they come equipped to work with actual patients in a real-world setting. Student nurses work alongside Registered Nurses and doctors, making connections, and building their skills.

The knowledge gained from the coursework and hands-on experiences prepare a nursing student for the final key to starting a career as a nurse. Nurses must take and pass the National Council Licensing Exam (NCLEX) before they can begin looking for their first jobs in the field.

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