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Are you Ready for Paramedic School in Fort Lauderdale?

Are you Ready for Paramedic School in Fort Lauderdale

Perhaps you have been an Emergency Medical Technician for a few months and want to take the next step.

A Paramedic is an advanced EMT and requires additional training and certification. Choosing to become an EMT-Paramedic is an important decision. Do you know if you are ready for Paramedic school in Fort Lauderdale? Ask yourself these questions to learn if you are ready to take the next step and go to Paramedic school:

Working while in school

You can work full-time as an EMT while you attend Paramedic school in Fort Lauderdale. Online courses or evening and weekend classes can also help you to manage your schedule if you choose to continue working full time.

Your experience as an EMT

Your current EMS experience can be an asset when applying to Paramedic school in Fort Lauderdale. One of the requirements for Paramedics is to have had experience as an EMT-Basic, which you already possess. EMT provides a solid basis for becoming an EMT-Paramedic and can make the transition a much smoother process. Paramedics need to know everything that an EMT knows and more.

Paramedic school programs

Health Career Institute offers Paramedic training in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach that will prepare you for a career as an EMT-Paramedic. The 12-month program provides 422 theory hours and 150 lab hours. All of this prepares the Paramedic student for hands-on training in the field. The externship is 540 hours of working with Paramedics, both at the hospital and on an ambulance. Medical knowledge, technical skills, and patient management skills can be utilized in an actual emergency services environment.

Cost of paramedic school

Another thing to consider before going to Paramedic school in Fort Lauderdale is whether you are ready to handle all of the extras involved with going to school again. There will be textbooks, uniforms, class time, studying, and clinicals. Examine the full cost of going to Paramedic school, including the time involved.

Paramedic school material


Finally, make sure that you are ready to handle the material. It can seem overwhelming and might require extra studying time as new concepts are introduced. The knowledge builds upon what you learned to become an EMT.

Going to Paramedic school in Fort Lauderdale can be a challenge but worth it if you desire a career as a Paramedic.


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