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Learn How to Become a Nurse in Fort Lauderdale

Learn How to Become a Nurse in Fort Lauderdale

Qualified nurses are always in high demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Registered Nurses have an expected 15 percent growth rate. This is higher than the average in all other occupations!

Registered Nurses in Fort Lauderdale provide care for patients and can go on to become leaders in their fields. Choosing to become a nurse means committing to the healthcare field and the patients that you will come into contact with on a daily basis. 

Choose a Career Path 


Before beginning the path to becoming a nurse in Fort Lauderdale, know which path you want to take for your career. RNs can work in more places than the hospital. Nurses can also become educators and managers.

Nurses can specialize in specific types of nursing, such as maternity nursing or geriatric nursing. Cardiac nurses work specifically with cardiac patients, while an emergency room nurse will take care of patients in the emergency room.


Earn a Degree


The next important step to becoming a nurse in Fort Lauderdale is education. An associate of science degree in nursing will provide the educational basis and training that aspiring nurses will need before they can enter the field. The ASN degree prepares nursing students for an entry-level job as a Registered Nurse.

The degree can be completed in two years or less at HCI in Fort Lauderdale. Nursing degree programs include a combination of lectures and classroom learning as well as hands-on training. This is where nurses learn how to become a nurse: what the career entails and how to work with patients. Medical knowledge needs to form the basis for all patient interactions, and the degree program prepares the nurse to perform necessary functions in the medical field.


Get Licensed

Before a nurse can get a job in the field, the nurse will need to pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN). Nurses become Registered Nurses once they pass the exam and can now legally work as a nurse.

Apply for Nursing Jobs

The last step to becoming a nurse is applying for a job. You can find nursing jobs by searching on hospital and nursing home career websites. Career services from your college can also provide a list of open jobs to aid you in your search for a position.

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