Where Can a Registered Nurse Work?

Where Can a Registered Nurse Work


Registered nurses can work for a variety of medical facilities. After a nurse receives training and passes the NCLEX, the RN can begin applying for jobs.

RNs can specialize in different types of medicine, such as pediatrics or emergency medical services, or serve as a general RN at hospitals. So, where can Registered Nurses work?

Hospitals are often in need of Registered Nurses. RNs who have a specialization might work in the maternity ward or in the cancer ward. The types of shifts for RNs will vary. Some nurses might work two 24-hour shifts on the weekends, while other nurses might work two to four 12-hour shifts throughout the week. Just like doctors, nurses can be called in to help during extreme emergencies when all hands need to be available to handle the influx of patients.

Physician’s Offices
Registered nurses can also get positions within a physician’s office. The pace will be different than what nurses face in a hospital setting. RNs will work with patients who come in for routine physicals or who are ill and need a diagnoses. They will greet the patients, get them set up for the doctor’s visit, and answer additional questions that the patient may have.

Home Healthcare Services
Registered nurses can work in home healthcare. This means that the RN goes to the patient’s home to help them. It can be an all-day caretaking or only part of the day for daily checkups or assistance. Registered nurses can be hired to be long-term home care takers for patients who need help with daily activities and require special medical treatment.

Nursing Homes
Registered nurses who wish to work with mature patients can work in nursing homes. A geriatric specialization would be valuable in this instance. Mature and special needs people who reside in nursing homes need specialized care. Some patients may require more assistance than others. Nurses provide medications, take vitals, perform checkups, and more.

Registered nurses can find jobs at schools. These RNs will work in the school infirmary to care for children who might have gotten ill while at school or bumped their knees on the playground. School nurses also provide health education for school staff and students as needed.

Another area where RNs can work is in the military. RNs might work on-site where the military is deployed to care for casualties, or they will work in military hospitals where hurt soldiers are sent.


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