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Apple Patents 911 Software to Aid Patients and EMS

Apple Patents 911 Software to Aid Patients and EMS


Calling 9-1-1 might not always be safe or practical for patients in distress. Maybe someone is the victim of a crime and does not want to alert the criminal but still wants to call for help.

Or, the patient is unable to complete a full 9-1-1 call but needs emergency medical services. Apple has come up with a possible solution for these situations.

Apple’s discreet solution


Apple recently announced a patent for emergency call smartphone technology that might be included with future iPhones. This discreet 9-1-1 service would reach out to emergency responders, provide the phone’s location, and even record audio and video, all without alerting a criminal that their victim has called 9-1-1 for help.

If this technology were implemented in future smartphones, users would have to create a special touch sequence or set up an alternative fingerprint unlock to enable the feature. The feature might even allow for wiping the device of all personal information, especially if the phone becomes compromised during the emergency incident.

This technology will also be helpful to patients who need help but are unable to complete an emergency call. The patient would initiate the touch sequence to begin recording their situation as it connects to an emergency responder. The responder could use the audio or video to understand what is happening and relay the information and the phone’s location to police and ambulances.


No statement that it will be in phones in the near future


So far, Apple has not stated that the technology will be implemented in the near future on their phones. Patenting the technology could mean that they hope to find a way to implement it in some way in the future. Other things that they need to consider before adding it as a feature to phones is whether emergency calls could be made by accident. Too many accidental emergency calls could tie up emergency resources or slow down responders.

Medical technology that helps patients and EMS can go a long way in the ability of EMS to dispatch assistance. A discreet method for calling for help will also prove vital for those who might be the victims of crime or who don’t want to alert a criminal that help has been called.


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