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The Advantages of Being a Firefighter

The Advantages of Being a Firefighter


Firefighters provide an important service in our communities. As long as there are fires, society will have a need for firefighters to protect our cities, villages, and woodlands.

The job tends to be fast-paced on many days, and firefighters must always be ready to heed the call of duty.

Are you considering a career in firefighting? Every day will be different, and many firefighters find their careers to be rewarding. Check out these advantages of being a firefighter:

Physical fitness
Firefighters need to be physically fit in order to do their jobs. From running into burning buildings to being able to handle the fire hose, the job of a firefighter is very physical. Firefighting tends to be very fast-paced and keeps you moving. Even on days when there are no fires to fight, firefighters must ensure that their trucks and other equipment are safe and maintained. A career in firefighting can improve your physical fitness.

People who enjoy working with a team may love working in the fire department. Firefighters must work together to put out fires. In high-profile fires like wildfires, it can take a team of hundreds of firefighters to contain and extinguish a fire that has gotten out of control. Teamwork is vital to the success and efficiency of a firefighting team.

Job security and pay
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, firefighters earned a median annual salary of $48,030 in 2016. Job growth is also 7 percent, as fast as average. The state of Florida employs 24,250 firefighters. Those are really good odds that many people find attractive about being a firefighter.

Educational requirements
People can train to become firefighters right out of high school, and it does not require a degree. Firefighting certification does require customized training approved by the state and can be done at Health Career Institute. Those who wish to move up to supervisory and managerial positions can work toward an associate’s degree in fire science, but entry into the field only requires training and certification.

Lifelong dream
For some people, becoming a firefighter is fulfilling a lifelong dream. Maybe their parents were firefighters. Maybe it was something that they knew they wanted to do even when they were children. The job can provide satisfaction for people when they put out fires and rescue people from burning buildings. While this is not true for everyone who chooses to enter the field, a firefighting career can provide fulfillment.


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