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Firefighter Job Growth

Firefighter Job Growth

 In a perfect world, dangerous and unwanted fires would not exist.

The only fires that we would see would be bonfires for late-autumn backyard parties or in fireplaces during the coldest winter months. Fires would not consume buildings or forests.

Until then, communities will need to have firefighters on hand to combat the fires that do break out. Firefighters are called to the scene of house fires and wildfires. They work diligently to put out fires before they have caused too much damage or spread too far. It can be an uphill battle fighting a large fire, but these men and women know how to handle it and will keep at it until the fire has been stopped in its tracks.


The BLS Estimated Job Growth


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the firefighter job outlook will grow at a five percent rate, which is as fast as the average job growth rate. Florida ranks third for having the most people employed in this profession. In 2016, the state of Florida had 24,250 employed as firefighters. Older firefighters will be retiring, opening some positions within fire departments that need to be filled.

Job growth for the firefighting profession seems to be on a steady pace. Some departments will have more positions available than others. Volunteer firefighters are probably always needed, especially during dry and hot summer months. Becoming certified as a firefighter means that you qualify for entry-level firefighter positions, and a degree in Fire Science can also prepare you for higher level positions within the fire department.


Steady Job Growth for Firefighter


A career in firefighting begins with the right education and training, as well as a commitment to the profession. Learning about what causes fires, how they can start and how to stop them using the equipment that firefighters use on a daily basis in their jobs will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to begin a career as a firefighter at your local fire department.

Steady job growth for firefighters means that it may be possible to find job openings throughout the state. Contact us to learn more about firefighting and what it takes to become a certified firefighter in Florida.



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