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Are You Right For The Job: EMT And Paramedic

 EMT And Paramedic

If you are thinking about becoming an EMT or Paramedic, you will want to do a little research. What will your life be like, how will your life change, are you prepared for the commitment, and what kind of education do you need? These are all very important questions to know the answers to before pursuing a career as an EMT or a Paramedic.

The Life Of An EMT Or A Paramedic

EMTs and Paramedics are usually the first ones on the scene in a medical emergency outside of a hospital. The way EMTs and Paramedics react in these emergency situations is imperative to the patients’ outcomes.

Many EMTs and Paramedics report that the hardest part is not really knowing what you are walking into. As great as a description can be from Dispatch,  you never truly know what you’re going to see.

On the flip side to this, many in this field also report that it is a career that keeps you on your toes. No two days are the same, making it great for those who like variety in their careers.

When in this field, you have to be “on call” on certain days, which means when your beeper goes off, you have to respond that day. This is far from the usual 9-5 career that most people choose. How do you feel about the idea of being on call?

The Education Needed To Be An EMT Or A Paramedic

When you decide to be an EMT, you have to be prepared to attend a postsecondary non-degree award program. Should you decide to be a Paramedic, you will need your associate’s degree. The requirements and programs will also depend on the state in which you plan to be employed.

Should you attend HCI in Florida, you will be able to obtain an associate of science degree in emergency medical services. This program is a combination of the EMT-Paramedic curriculum and offers general education courses. 


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