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EMT Responsibilities On The Job

EMT Responsibilities On The Job

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) will be the first responders on a medical emergency.

From riding in ambulances to the scene of an accident to providing pre-hospital care inside of someone’s house, EMTs serve an important function in the medical field and for the patients who need their services.

What EMT’s do


  • EMT responsibilities on the job will include some of the following:
  • Inspecting and maintaining the ambulance
  • Ensuring that there are enough supplies at all times
  • Answering emergency dispatches in a timely manner
  • Arriving safely to the scene
  • Staying in control of the situation while under stress
  • Remaining confident and not rushing to accomplish tasks
  • Bandaging wounds, treating for shock, immobilizing broken bones
  • Opening airways and ensuring that patients have adequate oxygen
  • Administering CPR or an automated external defibrillator if needed
  • Making sure that patients are as comfortable as possible
  • Transporting patients to the hospital for further care

Emergency Medical Technicians need to be prepared to handle any medical emergency that they might experience on the job. This can even include emergency childbirth or reassuring bystanders during a medical emergency crisis.

After an EMT has arrived at the scene, the EMT first needs to take stock of the situation and determine the best course of action for helping the patient. Is the area safe? What is the nature of the injury or illness? Are more people still in danger? How many people need help? Assessing the situation will need to happen quickly but should not be taken lightly.


Other Responsibilities 


Sometimes EMTs will need to call for backup. If the emergency situation is extensive or involves a lot of patients, the EMT might need more help to ensure that each patient receives the medical attention that they need. But if backup is not available, the EMTs will need to assess the situation further and determine a strategy for getting to patients in a timely manner with the goal of saving as many as possible and hopefully saving everyone.

EMTs are also responsible for the care of the ambulance and its contents. That means that EMTs will not only inspect the vehicle but will also clean and wash it. Restocking supplies for the next run is also an important responsibility for an EMT. If a patient had a contagious infection, EMTs will need to decontaminate the ambulance.


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