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Being an EMT in Florida

Being an EMT in Florida

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) will be the first on the scene. When it comes to an emergency, time becomes extremely important.

EMTs provide the life -supporting services that keep patients alive as they are transported to the hospital or on-site of a natural disaster or extreme accident. Florida EMTs might spend time in the emergency room or out in the field as an ambulance EMT.

A day in the life of an EMT


Ambulance EMTs will have to start their shifts by checking the ambulance vehicle and making sure that they have everything they need. EMTs need to make sure the gas tank is full and the ambulance is stocked with supplies. Then on-duty EMTs will wait until they get that first emergency call from the dispatcher that it’s time to head out.

The call might take them to a private residence or to a business where someone has collapsed or shown signs that it might be a life-threatening emergency. EMTs will be ready to handle anything from a scraped knee to cardiac arrest. Being an EMT will involve quick thinking and fast action in many different situations.

EMTs will sometimes need to stay with their patients after arriving at the hospital. Beds aren’t always available, but the patient still requires attention. EMTs will then work with nurses to keep the patient stable while waiting for a bed. The patient might need to go to the operating room or be placed in a bed with an IV until the doctors can work on them. EMTs will be free to go and take the next call.

Gurneys will need to be disinfected and made ready for the next patient. An EMT might head to a motor vehicle accident on the next call. Or it might be to stand-by for emergencies at special events or games. Every day will be different. Some days will be non-stop while others will have more downtime between calls. Being an EMT in Florida will involve plenty of variety.


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EMTs serve a vital role within the healthcare field. They assist doctors and nurses in the care of patients who often need immediate attention. Does this sound like the career for you? Contact us today to learn more about our EMT and Paramedic programs.

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