EMT vs. Paramedic Salary 2017

Paramedic Salary 2017


EMTs and Paramedics both work in emergency medical care for hospitals or other medical facilities.

What some people might not realize is that a Paramedic is an advanced level of the Emergency Medical Technician credential.

Both occupations have an expected growth rate of 24 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, so this is a very high-demand field to enter. Salary for these two positions will vary according to location and experience.

Median Salary

EMT-Basic, what we usually mean when we refer to an EMT, is the entry-level credential in the emergency medical services profession. An EMT program lasts between four and six months and equips EMTs with the knowledge and skills to do basic life-supporting services such as opening airways, bandaging wounds, and administer oxygen. According to Salary.com, EMTs may earn a median annual salary of $32,957 in the Fort Lauderdale area. EMTs may earn more based on their experience as an EMT.

Paramedics are the advanced level of EMT and often involve 12 to 14 months of training. They are qualified to administer medications, start intravenous lines, and resuscitate and support patients who suffered heart attacks or trauma. Paramedics earn a median annual salary of $39,746. A few more months of training to become an EMT-Paramedic may increase your annual salary by over $7,000.

Which Should You Choose?

There are many factors when choosing between whether to begin a career in emergency medical services as an EMT-Basic or as an EMT-Paramedic. Salary might be one of the things that you are considering when choosing between these two high-demand occupations. EMT-Basic can be a great way to enter the field before continuing on as a Paramedic or even transitioning into a nursing career in the future.

EMTs and Paramedics both provide an important role in emergency medical services, whether they work in hospitals or on site for an organization. Pre-hospital care can help keep patients alive until they can get more advanced treatment at a hospital. It can also prevent an emergency becoming worse. Emergency medical services is a very high-demand career that may provide many opportunities for those who are starting out in this career field.


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