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Firefighter Vs. EMT Descrptions

Firefighter vs EMT

Firefighters and EMTs are everyday heroes. Both of these occupations can often be immensely more rewarding than traditional office jobs. Before jumping into any drastic career changes, it is important to know the ins and outs of both professions, particularly when it comes to schooling and general job duties and responsibilities.

Education / Certification For EMTs And Firefighters

In most cities, a high school diploma is the only prerequisite to being train as a certified EMT or Firefighter. However, the similarities stop there.

An EMT’s role depends on his or her designation: basic, intermediate, or paramedic. Each of them requires different training regimens depending on the U.S. state. Typically, certification for an EMT – basic requires 100 hours of training, while intermediates need 1,000, and paramedics require 1,300.

The Firefighter job market is rather competitive, so it does help to have at least an associate’s degree in Fire Science. If you intend on being a Firefighter on more than a volunteer level, then you will indeed need a degree in order to be eligible for certain levels of promotion in the field.

Duties Of  EMTs And A Firefighters

Both professions require the employee to be in peak physical condition due to the amount of effort exerted in both lines of work. Job duties are actually more similar than one might think, as Firefighters frequently have experience or training as an EMT since most work for Firefighters consists of responding to medical calls. There is some overlap in the job descriptions.

EMTs and Firefighters both must respond to emergency situations at all hours of the night, and also must maintain a calm demeanor when dealing with stressful situations, such as being the first to arrive at a hectic scene. Both professions also often work similar hours with varying times between shifts.

The main differences between the two are that EMTs can administer emergency medical treatments, and also that Firefighters make more money due to the position being in higher demand. Other than that, fighting fires is obviously the main difference!

EMTs and Firefighters actually have much more in common than one might think, as both careers have the potential to be tremendously rewarding and gratifying. EMTs can often work their way into Firefighting with the experience they accumulate, while Firefighters can work their way up the latter by furthering their education.

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