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4 Big Ways Current Events Are Shaping the Emergency Medical Services Industry

To say that 2020 was eventful is an understatement. For the most part, no other event impacted healthcare more than the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has changed almost every aspect of the healthcare industry. Most notably, it brought unprecedented strain on hospitals and emergency medical services (EMS), as evidenced by the shortages in everything from testing and medical supplies to getting proper medical access. In fact, according to statistics, the number of calls to EMS rose by 90.9 percent from 2019 and 2020.

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HCI College EMS Team Raises Over $4400 For Lung Disease

On Saturday, March 6th 2021, HCI College EMS Team climbed all 915 steps at the Hard Rock Stadium as part of the Fight for Air Climb Miami to raise money and awareness for lung cancer and all lung diseases, including COVID-19. This year HCI College’s EMS Team raised over $4400 for the American Lung Association and was the fastest climbing team at 00:17:58. Not only were they the fastest team, but they also ranked third in the top fundraising companies.

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Should I Become a Paramedic or a Nurse?

Most people who end up working in healthcare are driven by a strong desire to help others and make a difference in the world. Many who opt to pursue a career in emergency services find themselves choosing between becoming a paramedic or a nurse. Both are challenging positions that offer the same impact in their community, and each one is at the front line of patient care. Ultimately, however, nurses and paramedics are different in a variety of ways.

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HCI College Graduate Becomes Local Hero

It may be fate or just pure coincidence, but this was a situation that David Knighton had been training for in HCI College’s EMT program. Earlier this year Knighton, a recent HCI College EMT graduate, noticed a man lying in the middle of the road and a damaged bicycle nearby. Knighton stopped and exited his vehicle, and immediately began assessing the victim.

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5 Things You Should Know Before Enrolling in Paramedic School

You’ve already put in all the work towards becoming an EMT and you want to pursue your dreams of becoming a certified paramedic. Given your previous experience and training, it’s easy to assume that you can just jump into paramedic school. However, this isn’t always the case. While experience in the field is certainly valuable, it will take a lot more to succeed and excel.

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The Right Way to Choose the Right EMT Training Program for You

If you’ve decided to pursue your passion to help people by becoming an emergency first responder, then you should also consider how you can choose the right EMT training program.

There are several variables to this, such as where you live, how much time you can dedicate towards your studies, even how soon you want to enroll and complete the course as soon as possible. All things considered; it can get pretty overwhelming. To help you make an informed decision, take a look at the guidelines below that can streamline the process of choosing the right EMT training program for you.

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What Aspiring Nurses Need to Know About the Industry’s Job Outlook

Being a nurse today is drastically different from being a nurse 20 years ago. Chalk it up to the constantly evolving technology and changing nature of job responsibilities of the profession.

Nursing is a field that is constantly shifting—driven by trends and current events as well as advances in technology and scientific research. If you’re an aspiring nurse looking to understand your prospects in this industry, it’s important to know how you can effectively navigate this field given its evolving nature.

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The Challenges of Becoming a First Responder

A lot of people looking to pursue a career that is as exciting as it is rewarding go into healthcare. The idea of making a real difference in people’s lives is a big draw for many medical professionals—especially for first responders like EMTs and paramedics.

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4 Reasons Why an EMT is a Rewarding Career Option

For a lot of people who end up with thriving careers in healthcare, their first foray into the exciting and challenging field begins as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

An EMT career is a life-saving profession that is also high-pressure, fast-paced, and challenging. However, it’s also known to be one of the more fulfilling careers in healthcare. It’s a great starting point for building a career in the medical industry. Studying to be an EMT and learning the necessary skills to truly make a difference in the lives of others is a highly rewarding career option in itself. Here’s why:

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