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EMTs To Control Traffic Lights After Bridge Reconstruction

ems traffic lights

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – West Palm Beach has closed the damaged Flagler Memorial State Bridge.

This bridge is a main roadway between Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, leaving its commuters to map out alternate routes.

Memorial State Bridge weathered a significant amount of damage, partly from early foundation work. This caused the spans to become misaligned, forcing the $9.4 million repair which was completed last fall.

There is also a significant amount of congestion that the city would like to ease. Intersections will be monitored, which will allow the lights to change according to traffic flow.

Emergency Medical Technicians will also have a new advantage. EMTs will be able to change the lights in an emergency situation, similar to the way lights change according to trains.

While the mayor has hopes that this will make for an easier and safer commute, he cautions against high expectations. Although this should enable for a slightly easier ride in terms of traffic, it is not expected to be ease all congestion. However, it is will fix any safety concerns which is the main concern.

The bridge is expected to reopen in November.  


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