Stay Out of The Doctor’s Office With Natural Allergy Remedies

Stay Out of The Doctor's Office With Natural Allergy Remedies

Spring is upon us, and for a lot of people, that means picnics outside and long walks in the evening light.

For allergy sufferers, however, spring isn’t quite as much fun as all that. If you suffer from seasonal allergies in the springtime, known also as hay fever, the change of seasons brings with it more suffering than celebrating. Puffy eyes, runny noses, non-stop sneezing, itchy mouth and throat—these are all the tell-tale signs that usually have you running to the doctor or pharmacy for some relief.

This year, why not save yourself the trip to the doctor’s office and try some natural remedies at home? Using things you can easily pick up in the grocery store or while you’re running other errands around town, you can kiss those allergy symptoms goodbye.

  1. Raw local honey – West Palm Beach has some amazing local honey! The idea behind this trick is that bees from your region both pollinate the flowers that kick up your allergies, and produce the honey that you can buy. In a theory that you might relate to vaccinations, the consumption of honey from those same bees can desensitize you from the effects of pollen. To find local honey, explore nearby farmer’s markets, grocery stores, and specialty shops. You may even simply find a roadside stand, depending on where you live!
  2. Apple cider vinegar – Before there were allergists, there were philosophers like Hippocrates, who believed in apple cider vinegar for myriad medical uses. Used consistently, it can boost your immune system and regulate the body’s PH balance, which may reduce allergy symptoms. Many people today swear by their tablespoon of ACV taken every morning!
  3. Neti pot – A neti pot won’t combat the cause of your allergies, but it may do a great deal to reduce the intensity of your symptoms. A neti pot is easily found in your pharmacy and can be used at home often—just make sure to thoroughly clean and disinfect between uses—to reduce congestion and lesson other seasonal allergy effects.
  4. Essential oils – Like a neti pot, essential oils are great for reducing symptoms. Find them at your nearest organic market or online, along with a diffuser if you wish. If not, some can be used topically or diffused by placing a few drops in boiling water. Frankincense and eucalyptus are favorites for lessening nasal and chest congestion.
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