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HCI Students Volunteer at Palm Beach Marathon

Palm Beach Marathon

On December 7th, 2014, HCI 13 students volunteered for the Palm Beach Marathon in West Palm Beach to assist at First Aid Tents and water distribution points.

The students were responsible for basic medical treatment, Triage and emergency treatment including the use of an AED. All First Aid tents and most water stations had AED’s there as well as basic first aid kits. Students arrived around 550 A.M. and most stayed until the last runner had passed the finish line (about 1:00 P.M.). Although medical calls seemed to be less this year than others, there were still several emergency cases. The medical system was enhanced by St. Mary’s hospital volunteers who staffed an on-site Medical tent to deal with dehydration and hypernatremia. 

HCI administration plans to help staff this event annually.