Motorists Eligible For Red Light Camera Refunds

Motorists Eligible For Red Light Camera Refunds


It may have been four years ago, but people who received red light tickets prior to 2010 will be eligible for a refund, thanks to the Florida Supreme Court.

It began July 2010 when motorists were being ticketed for blowing through red lights, yet the cities and towns had no legal right to do so, as the Act had yet to be passed.

West Palm Beach and Juno were the only two that operated the red light cameras before the Act was passed, however the motorists who were caught before July will not be given full refunds. Some of the tickets cost as much as $250.

About $30 million was paid in red light tickets before the Act was passed. Roughly $15 million was paid back to the motorists, while the other $15 million is still being held.

While many believe full refunds are an order, this could be avoided by negotiating deals and only paying back partial tickets.

Do you think the motorists should receive full refunds?


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