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Objective of this scholarship program is to encourage the timely application, preparation, testing, and success on the NCLEX-RN exam for first time testers. To qualify, the candidate must provide their Director of Nursing with all the following documentation:

  • Must pass the ATI Predictor in the Capstone course and complete any remediation plan as assigned by the Director of Nursing. Upon successful completion HCI College will pay the fees associated with testing for the Florida Board of Nursing applications.  
  • Upon successfully fulfilling the graduation requirements and any assigned remediation the Director of Nursing will approve and release official transcripts to the Florida Board of Nursing for an Authorization to Test (ATT). ***The student is required to provide a copy of the e-mail with the ATT from the Florida Board of Nursing to the Director of Nursing.
  • The student is required to submit the e-mail confirmation of the Pearson Vue scheduled test date. 
  • The student is required to provide a copy of their Nursing license, including the license number from the Florida Board of Nursing website.

After verification of passing the NCLEX-RN on the first attempt, the student will receive a scholarship payment of $1,000. The student must test within 45 days of receiving Authorization to Test (ATT) from the Board of Nursing to receive the $1,000 payment.

For more information download the Associate of Nursing Scholarship Application form


Recognizing the importance of career education, the FAPSC Foundation Scholarship was created to provide assistance to qualifying students interested in pursuing education/careers through FAPSC member schools. The scholarship provides tuition assistance to individuals with a desire to complete career education and is based on applicant excellence.

Who May Apply

The applicant must meet admissions and eligibility requirements of the selected FAPSC member school(s).

How to Apply for the FAPSC Scholarship

Follow the steps below:

  • Complete the application (FAPSC Scholarship Application Form 2021)
  • Attach a Personal Statement of no more than 500 words typed.  Statement must include the following elements:
    1. a brief synopsis of your current situation
    2. experiences that have motivated you to pursue your education at a FAPSC member school (include the name of the school and program of study you have chosen)
    3. how these experiences will aid you in this career choice
    4. your personal goals and aspirations
    5. how education will help you achieve these goals. 
    6. why the FAPSC Foundation should consider you for a scholarship.
  • Attach two letters of recommendation:

These references should be from employers, associates, current or former instructors, or other parties qualified to speak to the applicant’s character, commitment, and desire to continue their education

  1. Upon completion of application, sign, and date
  2. Return the completed form to the FAPSC Foundation (LindaW@FAPSCFoundation.org) before the deadline published for applications

There are three opportunities per year to apply:

  • January 1 – March 1 • Recipient announced by April 1
  • May 1 – July 1 • Recipient announced by August 1
  • September 1 – November 1 • Recipient announced by December 1

The application packet, including the completed application, personal statement, and two recommendations, must be submitted to the FAPSC Foundation by the deadline listed. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Award Recipient Selection Process

Review of the applications by the Foundation Board (or designees) using a rubric provided to make sure all applications are given equal consideration.

Evaluations and recommendations reviewed by the Foundation Board and final decision to grant or not to grant made by that Board. Scholarship Recipient notified, in writing, and checks for the scholarship amount disbursed directly to the school selected in the student’s name upon receipt of substantiating enrollment documentation from the school.


Guidelines: The HCI College Dr. Steven Keehn Scholarship will be available for all active Emergency Services Personnel employed as a Paramedic with an HCI College approved Fire Department. The scholarship is applicable only for the Associate of Science Degree in Emergency Medical Services program.

  • The student must be enrolled in the Associate of Science in Emergency Medical Services degree.
  • The student must be taking at least three credits per term/six per semester.
  • Provide proof of Paramedic Licensure and/or provide proof of active employment as an Active Emergency Services Personnel role. i.e.- Offer letter, official letterhead document from Human Resources Department, President/CEO or hiring manager.
  • This scholarship can only be used to cover direct cost incurred by the student (e.g., tuition, fees, etc.). It cannot be used to cover other educationally related expenses that a student may have (e.g., travel, room & board, etc.). If eligible scholarship recipients receive other forms of financial aid funds that cover all the direct intuitional costs for the program, the recipient will not be eligible to receive the scholarship.

The HCI College Dr. Steven Keehn Scholarship will be awarded $1,135 per class at the beginning of each semester not to exceed $5,685 in total. To apply, students should provide above documents to the Campus President for approval.

For more information download the Dr. Steven Keehn Scholarship Application