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“I had an amazing experience with the EMT school here at HCI! Not only was it enjoyable but every part of the staff was so helpful. From teachers to students, everyone here will support you! I’m glad I chose HCI for EMT school and would do it again if I had to.”

~Robert F. Mueller, HCI College Graduate

“I came to HCI with a passion to help people in their most dire times. I decided becoming an EMT was the perfect career for me and with the help of my incredible instructors, the clinical staff, and Career Services, I am on my way to becoming a successful EMT.”

~Niaja Lucas, HCI College Graduate

“When I came into HCI, I didn’t know what to expect. As time went on I learned so much about myself. My instructors helped me see that I could do it. They taught me so much about discipline and being resilient. I appreciate them so much. The staff is very caring and always ready to help. With their motivation and love I became an Emergency Medical Technician. Thank you instructor Don, and instructor Allie. I love you guys. Thank you HCI!”

~Yvemelda Elusdort, HCI College Graduate

“I had a great experience at HCI, I really could not have done it without two special instructors Chris McKay and Allie Bouschet, they really pushed me to continue and not give up, they truly care about each student. Joan Sherrard in Career Services was also a major key to my success, she helped me sign up for my Nationals and switch EMT license to Florida. She always went above and beyond to help with whatever needed to be done, and would email job listings and job fairs. I was recently hired at Jupiter Medical Center, I start orientation next week.!!!”

~ Jessica Lauger, HCI College Graduate

“I came into this program ready to take on this challenging
journey to becoming a RN, which has been a longtime dream of
mine. The professors made sure to do just that, they made us
work for it. They went above and beyond with tutoring sessions
and encouragement. I am a strong believer that anything worth
having is worth fighting for. I am excited to continue learning
and growing as a new nurse, and grateful for my experience at

~ Kimberly Charles, HCI College Graduate

“The instructors are very knowledgeable. I had fun in a great learning environment and the clinicals were inspiring.”

~ Eduardo Ramos, HCI College Graduate

“I remember stepping on campus the first day of my RN nursing classes; full of excitement and hope, surrounded by other eager faces filling into the classroom. This was a very exciting day for me because ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always had the passion to become a nurse just like my mom. Without my mom, i wouldn’t have gotten this far, she encouraged me so much and I’m grateful for her. Another exciting day for me was the day I finished nursing school. I knew I could do it, and I am so happy I did. This journey was tough but thank God, my instructors, and my family everyday for helping me get through it.”

~Anjelica Wright, HCI College Graduate

“I came to HCI College with nothing but a goal in mind and a little ambition. With the help of this incredible Institution, I am well on my to achieving those goals. Special shout out to Papa John Baker, Maurice, and Ms. Lorna for helping me start and FINISH at HCI College, love yall!! HCI College FOR LIFE!!!”

~Kameron Holmes, HCI College Graduate

“My time at HCI College was a wonderful experience. From the moment I joined their nursing program I was well supported and provided with opportunities that allowed me to attain my lifelong goal of becoming a nurse. It was important for me to be a part of a community that understood the need for flexibility in my schedule. I was able to work and attend school easily. All my professors and the nursing body maintained an open-door policy that made it easy to connect with them when I found a topic challenging or needed some clarity thereby enhancing my academic success. In addition to the focus on academic success HCI College career development just as much. In particular, Joan in their career services department played a critical role to ensure that I was career ready, and this led to me landing my dream job at St. Mary’s Hospital in their medical surgical Trauma unit. The holistic approach of the program made it one of the best choices I have made along my career path. Thank you HCI!!”

~Michelle Atkinson, HCI College Graduate

“HCI’s flexibility was helpful for students who still wanted to manage life while they learn.”

~Paula Francis, HCI College Graduate

“My name is Shaseka Lewis (also known as O’shea) I started HCI in May/June 2019 in order to finish my studies that I started at another college. I was referred to this college by another HCI graduate and passed her NCLEX December, 2020. While enrolled at HCI she and I were each other’s eyes, ears, and
strength. Not only did I have her to lean on I had professor Levy & professor Stewart who allowed me to prove to myself that as long as I worked hard, concentrated and pushed through obstacles I would achieve all my set goals. I passed the NCLEX on my first try on December 18, 2020 and found
employment 2 days later. After corresponding with Annamarie the career advisor at HCI Fort Lauderdale campus I was able to land another job with Broward Children’s center. I am very grateful for her insight on job opportunities, reviewing my resume and all the interview tips she provided me. I would definitely recommend HCI to anyone who wishes to become a nurse.”

~Shaseka Lewis, HCI College Graduate

“Finding a nursing school that was accommodating to working parents was not easy. HCI gave me that opportunity, not saying it was easy but doable. We can do anything we set our minds to if you really want it!!”

~Jamie Russo, HCI College Graduate

“Anything worth having is worth fighting for”‐Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Having my Nursing degree was worth the fight. The faculty and staff of HCI College stood behind me every step of the way to ensure I would win. Being an adult learner and single parent, I was faced with multiple obstacles but I never gave up because of the encouraging words of Miss Lorna, Professor Allison and Professor Timmie to name a few. I would
recommend this school to anyone who is serious about pursing their dream of becoming a registered nurse as like me
you too will have an army of dedicated individuals to help you succeed.”

~Gino Laidlaw, HCI College Graduate

“One day I decided to change my heels for a pair of sneakers and my business suit for a pair of scrubs….and today I woke up officially a Registered Nurse….this woman passed her NCLEX!!!!!!”

~Martha Davalos, HCI College Graduate

“HCI was the stepping stone in jump starting my Nursing career and for that I am grateful. I had an excellent academic advisor that encouraged me to take the first step amidst some difficulties I was going through at the time. Her encouragement gave me the push I needed. It definitely paid off! HCI’s flexible schedule enabled me to work full-time while completing the program, a major factor in my success. Thanks to my instructors and the entire staff, I am working with one of the biggest healthcare corporations and loving it.”

~Novia Simpson, HCI College Graduate

“My experience at HCI College was amazing. I was able to work full time while attending the program, and still have a life at home being a mom and wife. HCI prepared me to deal with all of the everyday challenges I face as an RN. I will forever be grateful.”

~Brittney Brody, HCI College Graduate