Graduation Announcement:

We have rescheduled Graduation!

Park Vista Community Auditorium - January 10, 2020 5:00pm 

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HCI College is proud to offer the Alumni Scholarship!

We are offering $1000 for Alumnus going into the RN program and $375 for Alumnus going into the Paramedic Program.

Please see the administration office for details about these exciting opportunities at HCI College!


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Why should you go from Paramedic to AS in EMS?

Why should you go from Paramedic to AS in EMS?

You can become a Paramedic with only a high school diploma and certification training. The program for becoming a Paramedic is generally a year long.

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Requirements for HCI’s BSN Degree

Requirements for HCI’s BSN Degree

Are you interested in enrolling in HCI’s BSN degree program? Find out what the requirements are for HCI’s BSN degree, and you can be on your way to a career as a Registered Nurse in the medical

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Becoming a Fire Instructor with HCI College

Becoming a Fire Instructor with HCI College

If you love firefighting, have you ever considered becoming a fire instructor? HCI College offers a program to train firefighters to become instructors at their fire service.

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Firefighter/Paramedics in Action

About Us

HCI College is a student focused school that helps students succeed in life. HCI College is dedicated to making the student better so that they can change their life and exceed their own expectations. Everyone has challenges with their day to day lives, but a true hero can overcome those challenges and make things happen. We at HCI College are dedicated to the students to help them become this person, achieve their dreams, and to live with passion.

-Robert W. Bonds, President and Chief Operating Officer.


Welcome to HCI College!

We are a private postsecondary educational school accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).

HCI College provides a student-centered environment consistent with its core values preparing graduates to apply their knowledge, critical thinking skills and the ability to succeed in their area of employment while grooming them for advancement in their careers and enhancing their service to the community. In addition to offering general education and professional programs at the diploma level, HCI College also offers Associate of Science Degrees in healthcare, specifically in the nursing and paramedic fields in addition to an A.S. in fire science for firefighters.

These programs are designed to instill the knowledge and skills of professional practice, as well as foster the values of higher education and social responsibility. We not only employ a faculty and staff comprised of experienced paramedics, firefighters, and nurses in the classroom setting, but your journey will also include hands-on experience with seasoned healthcare professionals in the pre-hospital and hospital arenas.

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Customized Training

Fire Officer program will provide the training and courses required for certification as Fire Officer I, Fire Officer II and will prepare the graduate for career advancement in a variety of technical and supervisory positions within the fire service.
These comprehensive courses are designed for providers who are first to evaluate and stabilize the trauma patient. The courses provide complete training in the skills needed for rapid assessment, resuscitation, stabilization and transportation of trauma patients.

If you're looking to come to a place that is 100% part of making you prepared and ready for the skills needed to perform efficiently,  this is the place you would want to go. A place that you would spend ample amount of time utilizing great resources.

- James

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