We are a private postsecondary educational College accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).

HCI provides a student-centered environment consistent with its core values preparing graduates to apply their knowledge, critical thinking skills and the ability to succeed in their area of employment while grooming them for advancement in their careers and enhancing their service to the community. In addition to offering general education and professional programs at the diploma level, HCI also offers Associate of Science Degrees in healthcare, specifically in the nursing and paramedic fields in addition to an A.S. in fire science for firefighters.

These programs are designed to instill the knowledge and skills of professional practice, as well as foster the values of higher education and social responsibility. We not only employ a faculty and staff comprised of experienced paramedics, firefighters, and nurses in the classroom setting, but your journey will also include hands-on experience with seasoned healthcare professionals in the pre-hospital and hospital arenas.

Your First Year As A Nurse

Whether you are currently in school to become a Nurse or you are simply curious as to what it would be like to be a Nurse, the following will walk you through some career pointers  in your first year as a Nurse.


How To Change Into The Health Care Field

Are you in a career that leaves you feeling like you could be doing something more fulfilling? If you are looking to make a difference and be fulfilled in ways a paycheck just can't accomplish, maybe a career in the health care field is just what you are looking for.

Health Career Schools

If you are considering getting into the health career field, start looking at health career schools in your area. You can call the offices and make appointments to view the facilities. Find out what their programs are like, how long they take to complete, and if the professors are industry professionals.

You will also want to make sure that their facilities and equipment are up-to-date so you get the most current training for the industry.

Health Career Programs

Whether you have an idea as to the health career field you want to get into, or you still need to do more research, ask the schools about their programs and find out what they entail. You should also hit the internet and find out about the different fields and what they are like on the job.

If you are going to be switching careers, you want to make sure you are making an educated decision that you will be happy with for the duration of your career.

Health Career School Scheduling

If you are planning on staying in your current career while you are going to school, check for a school that allows telecommuting as well as night courses. You don't want to be forced out of an income while you are changing careers.

Obtaining a degree from home has become so common that if one school does not offer it, another school likely will.

Good luck on this exciting journey! 

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HCI is more than just a school! It is a way of life with a mindset that allows you to understand that you can achieve more and go further in your life than you ever imagined with the proper training, support and diligence. We understand that the student may have challenges that require additional support on our side. We know this. We are experienced in working with students who come to us with all levels of academic experience, all ages and from all different ways of life and we are here to help them strive for excellence.

Tina Palermo, President


Health Career Institute began in 1993 as a modest provider of American Heart Association programs. Initially, courses were conducted on a custom basis for physicians, nurses and EMS providers. HCI did not have an office or a staff other than the owners and a few instructors. The school first offered an EMT program in 2002 followed by its paramedic program in 2005.

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Semister Tests

Our programs are specifically designed to give you the knowledge and hands-on experience you will need to enter your field.
With a combination of class time and labs, you will be ready to dive into your career and move up the promotional ladder. HCI is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to prepare you for the fast-paced career you will be entering.


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